DFA's Middle School Program exists to teach Middle School age student-athletes ages 10-14 (6-8th grades) the foundational skills to excel at Flag, 7v7 & Tackle Football in a non-contact environment.

We will teach your athlete pure football skills, techniques, strategy and philosophy previously only taught in tackle programs. They can have a football experience without the contact!

Our program is focused on teaching Middle School athletes the skills that will translate to success at the next level. We will teach the plays, technique and strategy specific to the High School your athlete is choosing to attend. If your athlete does not have a choice, we specialize in teaching the Air Raid version of the spread offense as it is the primary offense we use with our biggest client, the San Ramon Valley T-Birds.

If you would like to learn more about how the Air Raid works at the Middle School level, you can read a published article written by our Athletic Director Matt Lasker called Middle School Air Raid: Turning the Tide and/or visit his YouTube channel @CoachLasker.